True success by heart size
Behind Milan the basketball player, firstly there is a man. His true value isn't only seen through the trophies achieved on court or in his statistics. Most of all his true success will be the result of what he has inside, the values on which he bases his life both private and public. It's the size of his heart that will determine his true success, both on and off the court. That's what Milan tries to do every day, hoping to be an example to other people. To do something important together to help those in need.
Milan has already showed his big heart and sensibility. Last year he decided to donate a very important amount to help nine year old Nadja Novakovic who needed a bone marrow transplant and the year before he did the same thing for Angela Jankovic, a girl suffering from a brain tumor. It was something that Milan initiated on his own, contacting the families. Then he decided to reveal it only for one reason...

I realized how important it was that these interventions are done in the shortest time possible, and how necessary it was that as many people as possible could give their own contribution by donating money. That's why I wanted to set an example, so that by knowing the situations these kids are found in, other people could contribute as much as they can. Hence my desire to collect at least half of the amount as soon as possible so that the hospital could begin the treatment and the rest of the sum could be collected while the treatment went on. It should bring out awareness in others, not only in athletes, but in anyone who can help. If each one of us would help those in need, especially children and their parents who are in difficult situations, I believe that all together we could really do something very important.

Milan Mačvan